A Complete Kitchen Cabinet LED Strip Lights Guide

A Complete Kitchen Cabinet LED Strip Lights Guide

One of the most important aspect of the kitchen is lighting, because it determines the atmosphere of the area and ensures that you can see what you are preparing. The kitchen strip light can add cold edge or warm light to your kitchen, thus significantly changing its appearance and feeling. The kitchen LED light strip, whether on the ceiling or under the edge of your unit or cabinet, can provide a clear focus for the kitchen area you use most, rather than a strong overhead lighting that can only illuminate specific locations.

Why should you Add led lights to your kitchen?

There are several reasons why LED strip lights can be an excellent addition to your kitchen.

Create Ambience

The kitchen strip lights can increase the atmosphere, especially if you choose LED strip lights with color change function for the kitchen ceiling. This will allow you to switch from weekday dinner to party mode by simply pressing the switch. If you use bright purple or dark red, both are good colors for entertainment or parties, and your home will feel completely different.

Innovative Style and Appearance

The kitchen LED strip lights can significantly improve your room. Modern kitchens with clean and geometric lines will benefit from the modern and futuristic sense brought by the excellent blue lighting behind the cabinets or units. The kitchen cabinet strip lamp with warm light will create a more traditional kitchen without dazzling overhead lighting.

Energy Efficient and Economical

Long-lasting and highly energy-efficient LED Strip lights can be used for long time without increasing your expenses like conventional lighting or spotlights.

Reduce Shadow

Even if your kitchen has regular overhead lighting, spotlighted lighting may also produce annoying shadows from your cabinets, or worse, cast shadows on your work surface, which may even cause security risks.  This problem is solved by kitchen cabinet LED strip lights, which also ensure the places needs lighting.

Suitable for all types of kitchens

Although large modern kitchens are shown in many online examples of LED strip lighting, this is not necessary. Even medium sized kitchens may benefit from strategically placing LED strip lights under floor units or cabinets to reflect light into dark areas, making the space appear wider.

Easy installation

In most cases, LED strip lights are economical and easy to install. They can operate in cabinets without complex lighting and plug into spare sockets. However, you may want to hire an electrician or construction worker to operate the LED strip on the kitchen ceiling. Consult an electrician to ensure that it is safe to install the ribbon lighting unit into the current wire.

Where to Install Led Strip Lights

Here are some options to help you decide where to install LED strip lights in the kitchen.

Kitchen ceiling

LED strip lighting is an excellent way to add dramatic color to the kitchen ceiling. In fact, the best place to install LED lights in the kitchen is on the ceiling. This will light up your entire kitchen, giving you brighter, more natural light. The best time to install LED lights in your kitchen is when you are decorating or renovating. Getting electricians involved is critical because they can ensure that everything is installed correctly and safely.

Underneath cabinets

LED strip lights are ideal for giving new life and functions to cabinets when placed above or below them. It makes sense when you consider it and its benefits. It helps to make it easier and safer to read cookbooks and check food. Place a bright light directly above the kitchen, where you will do most of the work. If you have many overhanging cabinets or sinks that are often in shadow between two cabinets, it is beneficial to add LED lighting in this inconspicuous position.

Adding Led light strips to kitchen cabinets is a simple do it yourself operation because most light strips are self-adhesive or include mounting screws. In order to ensure that there is no overhang under your cabinet, please look for LED strips with easy cutting points and thin cables that can be covertly traced to the socket points.

Another option is to install LED lighting under the shelf rather than under the cabinet. If you want to add some light in the dark corner or around the shelves in the pantry, this is a good choice.

Around the Floor

LED strip lights installed around the floor of your kitchen cabinets are a terrific, quick way to update a kitchen for a modern look. This popular style will give even worn-out kitchens a sleek appearance and give you an additional light source. They also add much ambiance to the space. Use around floor LED strip lights and footwells to edge-lit your kitchen floors and highlight your kitchen tiles or specialty flooring.

Adding lighting around the floor would really finish the room and tie everything together if you already have LED strip lights for the kitchen ceiling lighting up the space and some kitchen unit LED strip lights to keep work surfaces bright.

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